May 30, 2006
# Gastkommentar Von Dru Oja Jay

Österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft - ÖH Bundesvertretung: Machtwechsel in Kanada

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March 25, 2006
# Former Yugoslavia, cont'd

Media Analysis: Peace from Above (5 of 5)

Media Analysis: The Good Guys (4 of 5)

Media Analysis: The Media War (3 of 5)

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March 19, 2006
# The "Balkans conflict"

Media Analysis: The Origins of the War in the Balkans (2 of 5)

Media Analysis: Milosevic the Guilty? (1 of 5)

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December 14, 2005
# Land Claims et al

Media Analysis: Land Claims and Treaties and Bands, Oh My!

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November 15, 2005
# Two new ones

Dominion: Beautiful -- Privatized -- British Columbia?

Media Analysis: What makes a scandal scandalous?

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September 15, 2005
March 29, 2005
# Legitimizing Suppression of Haitian Democracy

Dominion: Canada is Legitimizing Suppression of Haitian Democracy: Filmmaker

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January 11, 2005
# In the Ukraine

Media Analysis: Manufacturing Democracy

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November 26, 2004
# Media on Haiti

Media Analysis: Counterbalance to Reality: Canadian media in Haiti

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October 02, 2004
September 20, 2004
# Tre Arrow (old)

Dominion: Direct Action: Tre Arrow arrested

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March 04, 2004
December 29, 2003
November 11, 2003
August 31, 2003
# Dominion Feature

Dominion: How the Liberal Party Works

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July 07, 2003
# Media Regulation (briefs and links)

Dominion: Media Regulation At Home and Abroad

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# Iraq Briefs

Dominion: Iraq Briefs: US in Iraq for a Decade?

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# The Royal Bank, my old friend

Dominion: Gouging Together a Living: How banks get away with making you pay for your savings account

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May 20, 2003
# The Project

The Dominion: "A Dream Only American Power Can Inspire": The Project for the New American Century’s vision of global military dominance

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April 06, 2003
# Liberation

Op/Ed: Thoughts on Liberation

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March 21, 2003
# The Moral Case

Op/Ed: The Moral Case for War

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March 20, 2003
# Irrational Hope

Op/Ed: Irrational Hope on the Eve of War

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March 18, 2003
# AIDS, Africa and Aid

Monkeyfist: AIDS, Africa and Aid

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# Technology, Democracy and Liberation

Monkeyfist: Technology, Democracy and Liberation: an interview with Darin Barney

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March 12, 2003
# Recent longer bits

Misnomer: Newsweek's Propaganda and Iran Gets Nukes

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February 19, 2003
# F15 Poster

Poster: Feb 15: Global Day of Protest Against War on Iraq [200k, pdf]

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by book-comic

book comic

# A Coalition of the Willing?

Monkeyfist: A Coalition of the Willing?

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by Trevor Stanley

No, the "Coalition of the Willing" is not a misnomer. I know you're all worked up and ready to flog some yanks, but you'll just have to put down that horsewhip for a moment.

As an Australian, I can assure you Australia was willing. Polls showed reluctance at first, but once the war started there was majority support. Indeed, Prime Minister Howard's popularity rating is now on a record high and the carping Opposition Leader Simon Crean has the lowest rating as leader of his party ever recorded (10%). His leadership is now in apparently terminal crisis.

Australia is far from the only country supporting freedom and _true_ peace for Iraq. The media was flooded with material ridiculing the coalition of the willing, pointing out that some of the smaller, less 'civilised' countries had joined, but they forgot to mention the many larger or more advanced countries. The criticism of these countries was a corallory of the claim that Arabs simply aren't up to democracy so we may as well leave them in tyranny.

Having read much of what Czech President Vaclav Havel wrote when he was a dissident, I was unsurprised when he asked neighbouring countries to sign on. You claim that the Eastern European countries only signed on because they were candidates for NATO, but you ignore the fact that they were also candidate members of the EU. If they are currying favour, why one group and not the other? Could it be that they see the Coalition as liberating the Iraqi people (and therefore more likely to liberate them from a potential Russian invasion as projected in your article), and at the same time they see Germany (another serial invader) and France sitting on their hands? I was speaking to former Czech dissident Mila Dvorakova (a confidant of Havel) recently, and she brought up the parallel of the Munich Agreement. The East has not forgotten how selfish countries let them down so many times in the past.

More comment on the Coalition:

Check out the colour-coded map of Europe in particular :)

Trevor Stanley.

# Iraq Reading List

Monkeyfist: War in Iraq: Selected Articles

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February 13, 2003
# Invading Iraq

Argosy/Monkeyfist: Invading Iraq or Courting Calamity?

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January 24, 2003
# NDP coverage

NDP Convention: 1, 2

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December 06, 2002
# Irving

Argosy: The Irving Media Monopoly in New Brunswick: An Interview with Dr. Erin Steuter

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November 15, 2002
November 05, 2002
# Henighan

Interview: Stephen Henighan (full transcript)

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November 04, 2002
October 14, 2002
# New Piece

Editorial: Morality, War, and Journalism

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August 06, 2002
# WR

Weekly Review: August 6, 2002

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July 13, 2002
June 13, 2002
# Small Peaces

Essay: Small Peaces

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May 13, 2002
# Slack for Iraq

Editorial: Slack for Iraq

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April 13, 2002
# Four Little Eds

Editorial: Four Little Editorials

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January 13, 2002
# Writing etc., 2002

Editorial: Understanding Protest

Editorial: Letter to a Young Propagandist

Editorial: SAC Communication, or: Accountability isn't just a buzzword

Editorial: The [Student Union] Needs to get Webified!

Editorial: Personal Hypocrisy Index

Feature: Direct Action, Direct Democracy: Popular social movements respond to economic and political crisis in Argentina.

Editorial: The "War on Terror": Sense and Nonsense

Design: CUP Proposal for World Domination

Photos: Newfoundland, May 2002

Photos: G7 Finance Ministers Protests in Halifax

Photos: Home, December 2001

Letter: Letter to the Globe and Mail (re: Wente on Israel)

Feature: Governing Justice

Letter: A letter to the Globe and Mail

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As an egyptian-American who has
actually lived in the middle East,
and NOT out of some liberal political Science textbook,I must
wholeheartedly congratulate George
W Bush and the American Military
for confronting and dealing with
the nefarious Iraqi regime.
But as for the so-called peace activists,They SHOULD BE USED AS
HUMAN SHIELDS!Why not?Either that,
or be tried for treason and if found guilty,executed!Isnt that
just common sense?
Take the misguided Olympia,Wa
resident who tried to block an Israeli bulldozer!!Good job,Israel
Good job!
The Jihad and all its "untermensch" supporters like
hamas,hizbollah etc must be wiped
out as thoroughly as would an ebola outbreak.Who's kidding who?
To all my "fellow" arabs who support Saddam and suicide bombers
I really must say:
"een aldeen omak JIHAD"
"coos omak HAMAS"
"machdool saddam"