April 12, 2004
# Colony Hotel

Body and Soul: "Will the war exist for Americans if reporters are all in their hotel rooms?"

(I should note, as I periodically do, that all of my international issues-related posting is happening over at the Dominion Weblog.)

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April 07, 2004
# Uprooted?

Want to stop "terrorism" (the action formerly known as guerilla warfare)? Clearly, the best way to do that is to fire rockets at a mosque during prayer.

To continue the press' gardening metaphors, the US is uprooting terror, while tilling the soil of despair and sowing thousands of seeds of rage. An effective strategy, if the desired outcome is genocide.

From an Indymedia feature:

The US media are groping in the dark for a new narrative. Even for supporters of the occupation, it is no longer believable to suggest that Iraq is on an inevitable path towards democracy; that the Iraqi people are overwhelmingly grateful for the American presence in their country; that attacks against American forces are the work of a few "dead-enders" or Islamic extremists allied with al Qaeda. This is clearly a popular uprising against an illegitimate occupying army.
Amazing that it took this long for that to become clear.

Update: David Grenier compiled some views from the ground in Iraq.

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