January 29, 2002
# Ethics 101

A motion at CUP plenary.

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January 22, 2002

I'm off to the Canadian Student Journalism Conference in Ottawa, until Monday.

Bring back the draft?!

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January 19, 2002
# yt on mf

Monkeyfist/Argosy editorial: The "War on Terror": Sense and Nonsense

Some discussion of the article is happening over at the argosy site.

The first Argosy issue of the new year.

My roommate, Matt, worked all summer and much of the fall on an audio documentary about beauty and meaning in popular music called The Art of Pop. I highly recommend it. At the very least, listen to the segment where he interviews Michael Franti [4.6MB, MP3].

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January 15, 2002
# ES

More Edward Said: End the occupation: that comes first.

Monkeyfist: Bush's Racist Slur

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January 14, 2002
# Said said

Edward Said: Is Israel More Secure Now?

Palestinians have been sequestered by the Israeli Army in no fewer than 220 discontinuous little ghettoes, and subjected to intermittent curfews often lasting for weeks at a stretch. No one, young or old, sick or well, dying or pregnant, student or doctor, can move without spending hours at barricades, manned by rude and deliberately humiliating Israeli soldiers. As I write, two hundred Palestinians are unable to receive kidney dialysis because for 'security reasons' the Israeli military won't allow them to travel to medical centres. Have any of the innumerable members of the foreign media covering the conflict done a story about these brutalised young Israeli conscripts trained to punish Palestinian civilians as the main part of their military duty? I think not.

Zoe Mulford has an album out: Soon As I'm On Top Of Things.

Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) has been doing very good work since I've started watching their stuff. Everyone who reads the news should subscribe to their magazine, Extra!

Enron has been ripping off Indian taxpayers for some time now. This excerpt from Arundhati Roy's Power Politics has a good explanation of Enron and corporate imperialism in general in India.

Peter Beaumont on the treatment of Afghan POWs.

When our fixer saw him, he was being beaten slowly and methodically to death by a local warlord. We reached the camp too late. When we arrived, the man who had been doing the beating told us that he no longer had any Taliban prisoners. They had buried some al-Qaeda fighters that day whom they had killed in the liberation of the city, he told us. We asked again about the prisoner. He clarified the situation: 'There are no prisoners any longer.'

A some point as a kid, I watched Bridge on the River Kwai. I remember being baffled that the Japanese who were running the prison camp had the gall to just dismiss the Geneva convention. I was genuinely confused. I asked my dad how they could do that. I don't remember what he answered, I remember thinking that gosh, they must be pretty evil and ruthless people. I like to think that I'm just a tad less naive now (and less racist too). Even though I know that ignoring international law is hardly anything new for the US, it's still a bit of a shock that now I'm one of the evil and ruthless people, even within that childishly simplistic understanding.

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by Qualiall

Thank you very much for keeping me informed about what's going on in the world. I enjoy this blog very much!

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January 13, 2002
# Writing etc., 2002

Editorial: Understanding Protest

Editorial: Letter to a Young Propagandist

Editorial: SAC Communication, or: Accountability isn't just a buzzword

Editorial: The [Student Union] Needs to get Webified!

Editorial: Personal Hypocrisy Index

Feature: Direct Action, Direct Democracy: Popular social movements respond to economic and political crisis in Argentina.

Editorial: The "War on Terror": Sense and Nonsense

Design: CUP Proposal for World Domination

Photos: Newfoundland, May 2002

Photos: G7 Finance Ministers Protests in Halifax

Photos: Home, December 2001

Letter: Letter to the Globe and Mail (re: Wente on Israel)

Feature: Governing Justice

Letter: A letter to the Globe and Mail

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As an egyptian-American who has
actually lived in the middle East,
and NOT out of some liberal political Science textbook,I must
wholeheartedly congratulate George
W Bush and the American Military
for confronting and dealing with
the nefarious Iraqi regime.
But as for the so-called peace activists,They SHOULD BE USED AS
HUMAN SHIELDS!Why not?Either that,
or be tried for treason and if found guilty,executed!Isnt that
just common sense?
Take the misguided Olympia,Wa
resident who tried to block an Israeli bulldozer!!Good job,Israel
Good job!
The Jihad and all its "untermensch" supporters like
hamas,hizbollah etc must be wiped
out as thoroughly as would an ebola outbreak.Who's kidding who?
To all my "fellow" arabs who support Saddam and suicide bombers
I really must say:
"een aldeen omak JIHAD"
"coos omak HAMAS"
"machdool saddam"

January 12, 2002
# instant glee

Stallman.org has a lot of really good links (via daily churn)

Paul Ford is writing fairly regularly again: Why are robots so fascinating?

These new Gods with their quick, colorful actions and powerful wrath have turned literature from useful lists of commercial transactions in beer and wheat into lengthy, digressive stories of strong men overpowering mythic beasts.
Another Ftrain favourite that I keep looking up for some reason: on pundit-ness.

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January 08, 2002
January 04, 2002
# Shakir Boloch

Shakir Boloch, the guy who is being held without charge (one of hundreds, actually), has been moved, and not allowed to see his lawyer.

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# Pravda is Truth

Russia's Pravda and China's People's Daily are linking to each other prominantly... I wonder why. Consolidation of commie publications?

I'm going to keep an eye on mediageek.org.

A large collection of chinese propaganda, via girlhacker. No reference to propaganda art is complete without a link to posters from the Spanish Civil War. And speaking of propaganda, wow! Also: a huge collection of public murals in LA, via randomwalks.

Women in the Spanish Revolution.

A couple of good aphorisms (link via Daily Chump):

The relationship between truth and a newspaper is like the relationship between the color green and the number seven. Occasionally you will see the number seven written in green, but you learn not to expect this.

It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.

Subtlety is the art of saying what you think and getting out of the way before it is understood.

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by Daniel

Nice to see that the (failed) Spanish Revolution is still around here, I should play some Charlie Haden revolutionary songs to inspire me further...

Love from barcelona

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January 03, 2002
# Good ole M$

The Register caught Microsoft in the act commissioning a study to show how much better Windows is over Linux from a "research" firm that publically advertised that their "Custom research reports position your product against competitors", i.e. give us money and we'll make you look good under the guise of independent research. The page disapeared shortly after the story ran, so the google cache will probably run out soon.

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January 02, 2002
# Without charges, what!

Shakir Baloch is one of hundreds of folks who are being detained by the US without charges. The Canadian government has complained, but the US hasn't responded yet. I heard reports on CBC radio this evening that he was being held in a maximum security prison in unbearable conditions. According to his lawyer, who has only been able to visit him once, he is constantly under bright lights, and made to wear an orange suit. update: here's a report that mentions the maximum security prison.

Apple sure is revving up the hype on whatever it is they're going to announce. Flat screen iMac is what folks are saying, but maybe it's truly revolutionary... though as long as Apple is responsible to its shareholders, I kind of doubt it. update: here's some speculation.

Speaking of hype, I'm having a lot of trouble feeling any kind of excitement for Episode II after the total shite that was Episode I. When I first saw "The Phantom Menace", I thought maybe it was impossible for it to live up to expectations, and I was too hard on it. I saw it again recently (don't ask), and it turns out I was fooling myself to think that it ever had more than any passing redeeming qualities. Anyway, the Lucas marketing machine is treating this one like people are still excited about seeing another way to ruin the original series (the digital "enhancements" in the rereleased trilogy are totally gratuitous and distracting). People probably are, but I'm annoyed, because I'm not. (Do I need to mention that all the people that are excited about it have no taste or artistic sense, and that I know this because I, by virtue of pure arrogance, have direct access to the objective aesthetic? I thought not.)

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by doug funny

(offensive and annoying post deleted)

by David Grenier

Here's why I question whether or not to add a comment feature to my website.

by Dru

Heh. Fair enough. I don't get offensive crap often enough for it to be an inconvenience to delete it, but it all becomes worthwhile when dot com pseudo-celebs use your site to bicker.

Though more of the hoi polloi must be using google, as monkeyfist has been getting a whole lot of juvenile hate mail lately.

In any case, I don't blame you.

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