October 28, 2001
# tomorrow, tom

An absolutely brilliant This Modern World.

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible is really interesting. I has an exhaustive, cross-referenced catalogue of (close to) all the contradictions, insults to women, denounciations of homosexuality contained in the bible, and much more. A very handy resource for a discussion of homophobia (discussion starts towards the bottom).

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No thanks. I prefer to search for truth in another place.

October 27, 2001
# fear

Things are getting scary.

Cognitive dissonance? Cognitive dissonance.

Constant reminder.

Another week, another Argosy. I wrote about free trade this week, echoing a lot of Chomsky... rather badly, I'm afraid. The ideas are good, but the article was written in a haze at 5am. I also interviewed Dr. Karen Houle, tree planter, poet, mother of twins, professor of political philosophy, and amazing person. Oh yeah, and I did the cover and the photo of the week, too.

End days of Analog is a beautiful comic.

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October 19, 2001
# Argosy on the brain.

This week's Argosy was pretty darned good.

A whole bunch of people responded to the editorial I wrote the week before last, Culture and Capitalism, or: why I hate the commerce department.

I wrote two pieces this week; a mildly edited version of Rushdie's Rhetoric and Righteous Response, and Commerce Clarifications, in response to some feedback I recieved the week after the Culture and Capitalism piece ran.

If that's not enough, I spent all afternoon writing replies to the people who wrote op/eds in response to the same piece.

Ah, debate.

...and the cover, which was possibly the best one yet. There's a whole story there, which happened quite unintentionally.

Finally, this week's issue is available in pdf format, for anyone who wants to see the beautiful layout.

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# Rushdie

I wrote a short piece in response to Salman Rushdie, where I talk about terrorism, and how we help to perpetuate it.

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October 06, 2001
# The week.

Another issue of The Argosy. This week's editorial was "Culture and Capitalism; or: why I hate the commerce department. Not my finest work, could have been more polished, etc., but I think I got the point across. And maybe I pissed some people off enough to write some letters to the editor. I also did a photo essay this week, entitled Thin Film at the Edge of the Bubble: an exhortation to venture outside of Sackville before the air turns cold.

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by Bruce

I enjoyed the pictures you shot. Was the first one a reflection in the sky of the water or was that just my screen looking bizarre. Your bike picture was fun. How about some shots of birds!! Sackville is noted for its waterfowl.

by Dru

Bird pictures are fun, but I lack a telephoto lense and the patience to get birds in the right light/setting to take a decent photo.

October 01, 2001
# democratic discourse

The Onion's Point-Counterpoint: America's Response is just about right on. God Angrily Clarifies 'Don't Kill' Rule is similarly poignant.

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