January 29, 2002
Ethics 101

A motion at CUP plenary.

posted by dru in activism

Ethics 101

WHEREAS almost all animals raised for meat are treated

in a manner that would be considered a most egregious

and abhorrent form of torture if it were imposed on

human beings;

WHEREAS CUP members consider torture unethical;

WHEREAS CUP has, in the past, aspired to act on and

acted on the premise that it should set an ethical

example for other organizations (e.g. severance pay

for Agent staff);

WHEREAS animals used to produce milk and eggs are also

almost always treated in this egregious and abhorrent


WHEREAS CUP doesnít have a lot of money, and veggies

are cheaper than meat;

WHEREAS CUP should cut its environmental impact when

it is trivially simple to do so and;

WHEREAS consuming the flesh of animals is a wasteful

and impactful method of food production.

BIRT future CUP-sponsored meals not include meat

unless it is insisted on by prospective consumers of

said meals;

BIFRT if it is insisted upon, that meals with meat

only be provided to those who insist upon it;

BIFRT those consumers of future CUP-sponsored meals

who insist on eating meat be provided with food that

is produced in a manner perceived to cause as little

harm as possible to the animals whose flesh is to be

consumed (e.g. free range eggs, organic free range

beef, etc.).