October 19, 2001
Argosy on the brain.

This week's Argosy was pretty darned good.

A whole bunch of people responded to the editorial I wrote the week before last, Culture and Capitalism, or: why I hate the commerce department.

I wrote two pieces this week; a mildly edited version of Rushdie's Rhetoric and Righteous Response, and Commerce Clarifications, in response to some feedback I recieved the week after the Culture and Capitalism piece ran.

If that's not enough, I spent all afternoon writing replies to the people who wrote op/eds in response to the same piece.

Ah, debate.

...and the cover, which was possibly the best one yet. There's a whole story there, which happened quite unintentionally.

Finally, this week's issue is available in pdf format, for anyone who wants to see the beautiful layout.

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