April 12, 2003
Counterpunch Selections

Counterpunch: "Why does the US give billions of dollars to Egypt and Israel to maintain a tenuous cessation of hostilities that isn't rooted in any real resolution? Why does Washington loan money to countries, and then absolve those countries of any obligation to repay their debt? It seems silly to keep track of debt at all if the debts end up written off."

David Vest: "Since Iraqi oil 'belongs to the Iraqi people,' as the Bush administration has repeatedly assured the world, why doesn't American oil belong to the American people?"

Counterpunch: "...some key players in the push for America's war against Iraq, including Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney, and other former Reagan administration officials Roger Robinson, Judge William B. Clark and Robert McFarlane, have been intimately involved in issues relating to Iraqi oil as far back as the1980s."

Robert Jensen: "Cluster bombs, one of the most indiscriminate weapons in the modern arsenal, have been used by U.S. and U.K. forces, with the British defense minister explaining that mothers of Iraqi children killed would one day thank Britain for their use."

Shock and Awe: "What I see is a small group of Shiites, protected by a large U.S. military presence, set up to tear down a statue and get that image captured on television."

posted by dru in war