April 12, 2003
Throwing Back Sweets

Times (UK): "British soldiers sitting on their Warrior vehicle looked stunned when a couple of packets of sweets that they had thrown to children were hurled back by their fathers. Clenching his fists in frustration, Mr Jeri apologised for his outburst. 'I have no love for Saddam, but tell me how are we better off today when there is no power, nor water. There are dead bodies lying in our streets and my children are scared to go to bed because of the shelling.'"

Guardian: "The Bush administration told opposition leaders at a meeting in Ankara earlier this month that it plans to install a transitional military governor and keep much of the existing Iraqi bureaucracy in place. The proposals have opened such a deep gulf between the US and its traditional allies in the Iraqi opposition - particularly the Iraqi National Council headed by Ahmad Chalabi - that a leading INC member has even raised the possibility of a revolt against the American occupation troops after the war is over."

The Statesman: "As looting persisted today across Iraq, US officials said they will send 1,200 police and judicial officers to help restore order."

Reuters: "Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday raised the specter of civil war in Iraq involving Sunnis, Shi'tes and Kurds. 'My fear is that the Sunnis and Shi'ites will begin to attack each other,' Mubarak said in remarks broadcast on Egyptian television. 'And the Kurds have their demands for an independent state,' he said, adding that Turkish objections to such a state reduced the chances of a split."

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