April 12, 2003
Spiritual Warfare

Veterans for Common Sense: "'It's just not fair that the people that we ask to fight our wars are people who join the military because of economic conditions, because they have fewer options,' says Representative Charles B. Rangel, whose African-American constituents bear a disproportionate burden of military service."

Newsday: "Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, and their main ideological ally at the State Department, undersecretary John Bolton, have all made menacing public remarks about Syria in recent days."

Globe and Mail: "Washington is trying to portray its battle as one of liberation, not conquest, but Iraq is about to be invaded by thousands of U.S. evangelical missionaries who say they are bent on a 'spiritual warfare' campaign to convert the country's Muslims to Christianity."

Agence France-Presse: "Garner is closely associated with the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), a Washington think-tank advocating closer ties between the United States and Israel. In October 2000, he signed a letter that praised 'Israeli restraint' in the face of the Palestinian uprising."

FTrain: "What combination of parenting, and weather, and genetics, and ideology makes them so different from me, gives them the hunger to see their visions turned into action, into dollars and blood?"

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