July 24, 2001

David Grenier has a great set of links about the Genoa protests. More than I have time to look through, but good ones. I too assumed that Giuliani had been attacking the cops with the fire extinguisher, and that the shooting might have been justified as self defense, had it not been lethal or with live ammunition. I guess I swallowed the (corporate) media's spin whole. Dang.

I went to a protest today at the Italian Consulate in NYC. People had big pictures of Giuliani, a guy sang a song, and a number of people spoke. Some were a little long winded. A brief skirmish happened when some socialist folks started ranting about revolution and a strong central government, and others were not really interested in hearing it. Chants and drums followed. It was more painful than anything, to see real, yet unnecessary 'consequences', and to take note of the indifference of the rest of the world, whom I encountered on the street as I walked away, on the subway, and while having a drink later that night.

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