July 22, 2001
feedback and raids

Police Raid Activist Centre, Indymedia Centre in Genoa. Over 40 injured, some in critical condition. Aftermath (photo). More photos and reports.

I don't know what to say.

Just in case I start thinking that people use their own neurons... (this was sent to me in response to my essay, Shedding Democracy for Tears)

I, like you, think there should be a better way to control a violent crowd other than tear gas. I advocate the use of live ammunition by snipers. It is a cleaner, more precise, more effective use of force. I have been exposed to tear gas, and while not pleasant, it can be countered. So if the police would simply shoot to hit kneecaps and elbows, could stop the anarchists while saving innocent the discomfort caused by tear gas. Thank you for your time. Scott Forbes
A number of people also contacted Monkeyfist to say that the young Italian who was shot twice and run over twice by police "deserved it". I wonder what kind of crack you have to smoke...

posted by dru in activism