July 27, 2001

I'm in Washington (State) until wednesday. I'll probably show up in Seattle at some point. Email me if you want to get together.

I'm being lazy, reading, and visiting people, so updates will be slow for a bit.

Charting International Media Ownership.

An inside joke that may well be funny (strange anyway) for those that aren't in on it.

Jessamyn's links and brief thoughts on Genoa. Mostly for my future reference.

I chatted with the folks at Vilgilance (web page not working right now), an independent monthly bioregional/community-oriented newspaper. They do it in addition to their day jobs, but still manage to put out a pretty cool little paper. The energy around independent media these days is overwhelming; Indymedia has sprouted over 50 active collectives around the world in 20 months, and I'm starting to realize that Capital-I Indymedia is only part of a general trend of people making their own news, culture, and whatever else it is that media do. It's a good thing.

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