July 27, 2001
Muse, ick

I bought the recent CD's by Spearhead and Radiohead, and a friend sent me the new one from Vennaskond. It's interesting how each uses the web. Vennaskond lists urls of five different fan sites; Spearhead prominantly lists the urls www.mumia911.com, nodeathpenalty.org and indymedia.org; Radiohead's links to a bunch of sites. Just refreshing to see artists straying from the record-label run, cookie cutter site and the whole 'sticky site' ethic.

(The title of this actually a reference to the role of the woman who is romantically involved with a man who is some kind of genius, and supports/comforts/inspires him while he does his own thing. It's a common motif in movies, books, and contemporary mythology. It's also annoying and probably damaging.)

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