June 16, 2000
Being PC

News: The United States Government killed Iraqi citizens today, using bombs and famine.

Bijan Parsia has some interesting ruminations on political correctness and offense.

I took a few days off from misnomer. Apparently, I've been missed.

I'm not usually a big fan of Courtney Love, but this is right on: "Right now the only way you can get music is by shelling out $17. In a world where music costs a nickel, an artist can 'sell' 100 million copies instead of just a million."

If you read nothing else, read this speech. It details everything about the music industry I've suspected, but never bothered to confirm.

One very important fact: the vast majority of musicians don't make a living wage, even if they sell millions of albums. I'd love to hear any exceptions to this reality, but I fear it's even worse.

Via Camworld, Scott McCloud's online graphic column. Very cool use of the web.

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