June 19, 2000
Tersely, I respond

News: The United States Government killed Iraqi citizens today, using bombs and famine.

Murder Suspect To Be Tried By Media: Overworked Justice System Grateful For Help

Bungie to be bought by Microsoft?? Methinks it's some kind of joke, but who knows? AFAIK, Microsoft doesn't develop games in-house, it just markets them, so the bit about the Bungie guys moving to Redmond doesn't make sense. Who knows? [ack, looks like it's true]

For the first time in quite a while, I've managed to go two days without updating misnomer. Actually, I've been pretty good at avoiding the computer altogether these past few days.

Bijan noted that an article he wrote about light pollution is relevant to my offline-ness this weekend. Of course by now, I'm completely re-glued to the screen, thanks to my job redesigning/fixing this site (no, that's not my design).

Monkeyfist now has Daily Churn. Bijan (he's everywhere!) rigged up a nifty IRC bot that stores every URL, and lets people who hang out in #mf (irc: monkeyfist.com:6667) to append comments to each one. Lots of URLs pass through there every day. Tres cool.

Feminist Media Watch looks potentially interesting.

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