June 13, 2000

News: The United States Government killed Iraqi citizens today, using bombs and famine.

Kendall Clark: The Political Economy of Terrorism (public draft). A very thorough critique of the The National Commission on Terrorism's report and reccomendations.

I've started using Usenet again recently, and am quickly discovering that there is much value left in it, in the form of smart people with time to explain things, mostly.

The following links are graciously borrowed from today's Davenetics:

Real and Apple Team Up. It's a Good Thing.

RIAA Sez: "Napster teaches a generation of music consumers that artists do not deserve to be paid for their work, and their creative efforts are free for the taking." Hahahahahahahaha! Exactly how much of the net profit of CD sales do artists get? I'm just curious. As I recall, The Problem with Music sums up the story of the generation of corporations that believe that artists should be paid very little for their work quite well.

Fortune has picked a bunch of startups it thinks will do good things in the future. Some interesting companies on the list.

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