March 15, 2000

There's a guy who his lots of money and wants to start a free net based university. This is cool, though it can never be "Ivy League quality", because the value of those schools doesn't come from their pedagogy (their lectures), but from the result of having lots of intelligent people who will do interesting things in the future all in the same space, learning intensively. Still, it sounds like a good/great idea.

Other weblogs that link to this story.

Manila should have a macro that generates this link automatically, e.g. when I type {otherblogs}, it looks for the first link before it, and generates the weblogs search feature. Better yet, I want that feature integrated into my browser - with one click at any point in time, I can look and see which weblogs are pointing the page I'm currently on.

We'll have to wait for Mozilla

If you can read this, I'm done being frusterated because I can't post this message.

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