March 13, 2000
Drama, Greed.

I just finished the first rehearsal for a play I'm acting in (12th Night). I'm not much of a drama person, but it's really interesting to look explicitly at all the nuances of meatspace/meetspace interaction, especially considering how much time I spend thinking about the digital medium and its qualities/nuances. Enlightening indeed. I keep finding new uses for a liberal education.

I've been thinking about books vs. computers, and it occured to me that when enough people get used to (read: dependent) find functions and other useful reading features that have yet to appear, we'll see a lot more traditionally paper stuff moving to computer-based media. Of course, there has to be actual innovation in the on-screen reading space. For that, I'm sure we can rely on Bill "We just want to innovate" Gates, or whoever's running that place now.

Something I'd like to see - in-page placeholders. Does this exist? Probably not in a useable way.

David Grenier, discussioner in residence, has posted a reply to my idea about environmentally friendly shop bots.

Brent beat me to this one: "Want your own domain name like or These are available:,,,,"

I got bored in class today: GreenScene, CuteFlute, FunGun, SwearChair, BoreScore, BloatCoat, LordBoard, BleakSqueak, Ease Trees, DotSlot, MeanScreen, RipeSnipe, OralMoral, BlackTack, BleakGleek, FullBull, SlightLight, DarkLark, AloofPoof. Oh yeah, and these are all registered trademarks, patent pending, and copyright 2000 Misnomer Holdings International, Ltd.

Good comics: Bob the Angry Flower, home of Bob's Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots.

Is it just me, or is everything about internet business in all or nothing mode? It doesn't seem to be possible to do modest (or one thing well, for that matter) business on the internet without being considered a failure because you didn't have a trillion dollar IPO.

I wonder if that's a goal to aspire to: make an modest living working on the internet.

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