March 16, 2000
Dialogue and SXSW

It's really interesting to put faces with names of people I read daily, but never see, thanks to all the photos from SXSW.

Cool! O'Reilly is using the dialogue format to document his conversation with RMS. This has been done before, like 2,500 years ago. Any similarity?

I talked about this a little while ago, and keep meaning to write a more in-depth article about it. The basic idea is that the dialogue is a totally natural way of presenting an argument, because the exchange of arguments takes place in the same medium as the presentation of a document, so with a little editing, they can be one and the same.

I got a fun list of keywords in an email forward. The message claims this has something to do with the NSA's Echelon project (scroll down), and their new "super cray". I just think it's a fun list.

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