April 06, 2003
The Media

Media Guardian: "Claims and counter claims made during the media war over Iraq."

Arab News: "The American forces have put blanket restrictions on all unembedded reporters in Iraq, effectively banning them from traveling inside the country. Obtaining the necessary escort in order to report freely as an unembedded journalist is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Basically, the only journalists authorized to be in Iraq are those embedded with the troops, and they are escorted at all times. What those journalists are allowed to see and report on is controlled by the unitís military commander."

NYTimes: "Joanne Tucker--not exactly the name one expects to see at the top of an Al Jazeera masthead. But there it is beside the words 'managing editor.' From Al Jazeera's headquarters in Doha, Qatar, Ms. Tucker, 32, heads the struggling effort of Al Jazeera, the Arabic news network, to start an English-language Web site, and perhaps one day, an English-language version of its television broadcast, which is widely watched throughout the Middle East."

Arab News: "Every day Arab News receives hundreds of e-mails requesting information about Al-Jazeera, criticizing Al-Jazeera and praising Al-Jazeera. But please, we are not Al-Jazeera! Is this another case of mistaken identity? Does the New York Times receive daily inquiries about the San Francisco Chronicle?"

Neil Berry: "Martial heroism is a quality the British have always venerated. The names of great British battles and famous native warriors loom large in their tribal mythology. Not for nothing are British daytime television schedules crammed with World War II movies. An old country with a vast population of elderly people, Britain abounds in armchair generals who are forever reliving World War II, forever teaching the Germans and the Japanese a lesson they will never forget."

Robert Fisk: "Why do we aid and abet the lies and propaganda of this filthy war? How come, for example, itís now BBC 'style' to describe the Anglo-American invaders as the 'coalition'. This is a lie. The 'coalition' that weíre obviously supposed to remember is the one forged to drive Iraqi occupation troops from Kuwait in 1991, an alliance involving dozens of countries ó almost all of whom now condemn President George Bush Juniorís adventure in Iraq."

AP: "Between 2,000 and 3,000 Iraqi fighters were killed in fierce clashes as the US 3rd Infantry Division moved through southwestern Baghdad, US Central Command spokesman Jim Wilkinson said."

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