March 01, 2001

My friend John Powers has a show up in NYC called "Indicator Spaces" (after indicator species). It's a commentary on the use of art in public spaces. The show consists of alternate proposals for three major contemporary projects: the D.C. WW II Memorial, New York Penn Station, and the new Guggenheim. The crux is that open, public spaces where people can congregate are integral to democratic society and public existance. More importantly, he notes that open public spaces are being routinely broken up/divided with architectural elements like planters, private buildings, and monuments. Also interesting is the notion of giving art the same structural privilege that architecture has: literally letting public art shape public movement.

He's also written an essay by the same name, which deals with minimalist public art and open spaces. I set up the essay to let anyone annotate the essay, paragraph by paragraph, and set it up in a two column format so that one can read footnotes and view link lists without interrupting the flow of the article. It's something of an experimental design; it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. That the design would catch on is truly too much to hope for.

Spending time lamenting the lack of time to work on projects, while not working on projects. One that I'm never going to get around to doing, is "Riffs". I want to make a sound-art piece that mixes all of the catchiest guitar riffs I can find in to one five minute segment. But alas, there are a lot of other things to do that I never spend any time doing. This is my dilemma.

Who the heck is this Kimble guy anyway. Looks like he's going for 'most decadent man on earth' or something.

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