February 27, 2001
Independent Media

I've been spending a lot of time in the past day and a half getting into Indymedia; reading their mailing list archives, and talking to people on irc.indymedia.org. As a result, I haven't really been visiting any other sites. Thus the dearth of recent links. There is a lot of independent media to read, though. :>

Niel Bornstein's Personal Political Platform puts things in perspective, and otherwise illustrates the really big gap between ideals and reality.

In other politics, there are some serious demonstrations going on in Korea. Wow.

Markerfight!, and an interesting piece about the use of Hitler in ideology. Both by David Grenier.

LOL! Jessamyn sent along some markerfight pics...

Dang. I just realized that CSS support is even worse in Netscape 4.0/windoze than it is on the Mac. Back to the drawing board? Nah. I'll just sit tight and say I'm supporting web standards. Hee hee. So follow that link and upgrade your browser already! Or just turn off Stylesheets, if you haven't already. update: I fiddled with the CSS enough that font size shouldn't be an issue anymore, and as a bonus, people can now post comments. Apparently, the form wasn't working in Netscape. God, I feel like I'm managing some kind of important project. Except I'm not.

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