January 23, 2001
The geek's lament

Some stories about Sony's BeOS-based 'eVilla'. [bit of fun with url "hacking"]

I wonder what "music can only be played by the eVilla" means.

Jean-Louis, Be's CEO, talks a bit about CES and the eVilla (what a bad name).

Kevin Smith is working on a new movie.

Colin Powell wants to get rid of sanctions, though scarcely out of any interest in basic human rights.

Harpers index: Number of the 614 arrests of protesters at last year's presidential conventions that have led to criminal convictions : 4

Currentform.com. [via referrers]

First my computer dies, then the brand new hard drive dies, and now I'm sick, and have DSL installed which I can't use until at least Thursday, when the new new hard drive arrives. Life is soooo tough.

What Yahoo looked like in 1994. I can still remember when it was akebono.stanford.edu/yahoo. Ah, back in the day.

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