January 26, 2001

I saw Stardom, a Canadian film which parodies the media, and how women are treated in it, last night. I thought it did what it set out to do - that is, provide a scathing critique of the media quite well. As for questions of what needs to really be examined in that area and how, I'm not really informed enough to say yeah or neigh. Worth a look, though.

A few other reviews of Stardom.

Here's a fascinating debate on metafilter about corporate domination of culture. Lots and lots of good links.

Why corporations are different than you or me. And yet they have the same rights, and then some.

What the government spends your money on.

Is google making an editorial comment about Shrub? The text of the search doesn't appear anywhere in the source of the first-ranked page.

I just finished reading this article about the relationship between Zeta functions and Quantum physics aloud to Sylvia, who understood considerably more than I did. The connection between pure math and physics is pretty interesting, though -- even to ignorant ears like my own.

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