December 09, 2000
Our Political System

When a large amount of power is up for grabs, things get really, really ugly. The Supreme court is split because of party lines, rather than questions of justice, and it makes me feel kind of sick.

This story about Republicans in Washington state being pissed off that party funds were not spent on campaigns raises a quite different issue for me. Namely, that money = votes. The Republicans mentionned in the article seem convinced that if they had spent more money on their campaign, they could have won. I'm sure this is all very 'normal', but what does this say about our electoral system?

Apparently, elections aren't won, but bought. I doubt this is news to many people, but I find it hard to believe that the obvious nature of the problem it any less outrageous. [link via rebeccablood]

Users who downloaded songs by Rage Against the Machine were bannen from Napster, but apparently, no one asked the band before proceeding.

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