December 10, 2000
No Justice, No Peace

An interesting essay on the "high water mark" of the 'digital revolution'. [via robotwisdom]

What I am saying is that I stopped believing that this Revolution would bring fundamental change–to prevent, for example, a jackass buffoon like George W. from becoming a serious candidate for the Oval Office.

Part of a series of essays, What Ever Happened to the Cyber Revolution, Parts I and II, in Signum, which looks like a really interesting zine.

I'm still feeling profoundly unsettled by the Supreme Court's (seemingly partisan) decision yesterday. I haven't been nervous that Bush is going to win, or Gore lose (otherwise I would have voted for him), so most of the Florida voting rhetoric hasn't really affected me, besides being a curiosity, and a good way to keep Democrats from demonizing Nader. But the second I read about the overturning of the decision to recount, I got scared, and I still am.

Because it means that the Supreme Court Justices have been sucked in to this power struggle. For me, this has some profound implications for democracy in this country. As thousands of people shout at every protest: "No Justice, No Peace".

And they're right.

This is what it looks like to me, at any rate. The second someone convinces me otherwise, or I read something that does, I'll post here. I'd really love to be proven wrong.

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