November 11, 2000
It is remembrance day.

israeli protest:

Indymedia Israel has a lot of great coverage of Israel/Palestine violence and protests. Though I have a hard time using the word great in that context. Check out the Amnesty International press releases.

It's remembrance day here in Canada, and I'm having a hard time seperating those who died from those who are dying, or worse. I suppose the distinction should be made, but I'm having trouble making it.

It's Veteran's Day, too.

If, like me, you're a US citizen, you might have a little trouble hearing that about 2 billion of our tax dollars go to Israel annually.

Oh yeah, and both candidates seem to not mind what is going on (they both support Israel fully). Justice? Nah.

I suppose this is politics (I seem to remember I was going to stop talking about that), but at least it's social justice, and not corrupt party leaders spewing forth.

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