November 10, 2000
Cerfin' UK

Vint Cerf, "the father of the internet" speaks in London.

It is like an anthill, you watch any particular ant for a day, and it won't do much but every now and then one or two will do something really fascinating. So it is on the Internet: sometimes people, given the freedom to experiment, will do something really interesting.

OTOH, it is truly amazing how *little* experimentation is done these days, relative to how much territory is left to be explored. Like a herd more than an anthill.

Some politics: Slate: "Earth to both campaigns: You do not want to open this can of worms." Matthew Miller argues that the best way for the election to be resolved is for Republican reps in the electoral college to exercise their constitutional right to *not* vote for who was popularly elected in their state.

If the can of worms gets opened, I don't see how anyone will ever be happy. Ironically, it does make me happy that our democratic process is being closely examined and criticised. All we need now is for that criticism to be applied more broadly.

A number of arguments for keeping the electoral college, though I'm not sure how sound they are.

Kevin Murphy has some interesting thoughts on the election, and a lot of links. Go read what he said.

Oh yeah, and there are two good pieces at Monkeyfist.

Dang. I got sucked in to talking about politics again. I guess going cold turkey was a little too hard.

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