October 28, 2000
Feel the Fear!

Everyone is up in arms about Nader throwing the election to Bush. Great! Instead of voting for Nader, who is the only candidate to explicitly be interested in rebuilding the democratic process, vote for Gore... who is, uh, better than Dubya.

Or is he? Perhaps we need a cure for Dubyaphobia. In brief, the following points, popular among fearmongers, are popularly (but pointlessly) pointed to as reasons to fear voting for Nader:

Anti-abortion activist Supreme Court Justices. Actually, the two most anti-abortion Justices were unanimously approved by Democratic Congresspeople. Gore has, among other pro-life sentiment, voted against abortion in the case of rape.

Universal Health Insurance. Wait! Didn't Clinton promise the same thing? Gore only wants to take "small steps", which are in themselves meaningless without Congressional support.

Campaign finance reform, by necessity, can't be seriously addressed by anyone in the two major parties. To get that far, it's necessary to bend the rules in order to have enough money to keep winning elections.

I won't go on. I hardly want to tell anyone how to vote, just like everyone else. However, seeing things how they are, I simply can't imagine how anyone could, with a grasp of the facts, vote for Bush or Gore.

Before you vote, go read this article. If you still vote for Gore, email me (dojy@mta.ca), I'd love to know why you did.

One other point that shouldn't be discounted: if Gore wants the Progressive vote, there's no reason he shouldn't have to do something to actually earn it.

I wonder if I'll stop talking about Politics so much once the election is over..?

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