October 27, 2000

This week's Argosy is online, with a great cover (as usual).

Suprisingly enough, the Argosy's Bitch page has interesting content this year (in stark, stark contrast to previous years).

Salon: Doomed by eBay.

Just in case anyone was wondering, Misnomer wholeheartedly endorses Ralph Nader for President. He's the only candidate that is explicitly interested in real democracy.

In fact, I just sent in my absentee ballot today.

NYTimes: Mr. Nader's Electoral Mischief.

The country deserves a clear up-or-down vote between Mr. Bush and Mr. Gore, who have waged a hard, substantive and clean campaign.

Who are they kidding? A few issues that both candidates support:
  • starving/killing Iraqis
  • corporate globalization
  • the death penalty
  • little or even less environmental regulation
  • Israel's slaughter of Palestinians. (aka "the peace process")

In the debates, Gore stated: "our military is the strongest in the world. I pledge to do whatever is neccessary to make it stay that way".

Nautilus, a Linux GUI, "provides higher level views through its component architecture". With what look like some pretty cool possibilities.

I wonder if the Mnemonic browser project has died..?

David Grenier noticed that my micropayments article shows up first on Google. But in the last ten minutes, it has changed position considerably, a bunch of different times. Is it Google's dynamic nature, or a malfunction? Erk. now it's on the first page again!

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