August 26, 2000
The Real Survivors

The United States and British governments killed Iraqi children today.

Salon: What happened to the Women's web?

A real survivor. Jim Keady spent 6 months working in a Nike factory in Indonesia for $1.25/day, in order to see if it really was a living wage. He kept a journal and took some photos. If that's not enough, the site is well designed, and overall, quite compelling.

Two articles about shareware payment incentives.

We're not allowed to link to DeCSS, but not a whole lot has changed in that respect. In order to shut down this kind of linking, I'd imagine it would require legislation that banned the use of certain word combinations. If a magazine that is widely available has illegal content, am I allowed to say its name?

Perhaps they'll avoid such an embarrasing analogy by applying anti-linking laws exclusively to the internet, with LitigationBots cruising the net for illegal filez, serving up Cease and Desist letters as they go.

2600 says: "Judge Kaplan has released a memorandum opinion on the January hearing which explains his reasons for granting the injunction. Many of the findings of fact are simply false. Given adequate time to prepare we are confident that this will be proven at trial." (emphasis mine)

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