August 29, 2000
Origins of Dru

The United States and British governments killed Iraqi children today.

Well, I'm back in Chimacum, Washington. I grew up here and went to High School here. Now I'm visiting my parents and the few friends that are still in town for five days.

I read half each of Plato's Republic and Meno on the plane ride here. I read Meno from my new Palm IIIc, which is suprisingly pleasant to stare at. I didn't find it any worse than a book. This bodes well for my future reading of long texts from the web. I jotted a good deal of notes for an article on Iraq on the Palm, too, but then accidentally deleted them. I switched to my pen and paper notebook for a little while after that.

I also picked up a used copy of a McLuhan biography, "Escape into understanding". That guy continues to fascinate me, and provide a certain amount of inspiration.

This has been a No Links edition of misnomer. Coincidentally, this is about as personal as the content here has been in a while.

I'm writing this on my mom's G3 powerbook. It's really nice.

Oops, a link: Metascene's page.

Two arguments about abortion.

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