June 22, 2000
The Daily Slice/Chop/Grind

News: The United States Government killed Iraqi citizens today, using bombs and famine.

Monkeyfist's DiaWeblog (Diablog?) 'Daily Churn' page is hoppin'.

Sylvia has a weblog of visual art.

Stefan's stream of consciousness rant is interesting. I think he's been reading about quantum physics too much (or not enough!).

Roger Waters is touring. I didn't know that. He's playing in Madison Square Garden the day before I arrive in New York, but the tickets sold out in 40 minutes anyway. Nuts.

There is a webcast of the new Pink Floyd: The Wall Live, punctured by ads and interviews. Heh. I just heard a US Army commercial a few minutes after 'Good Bye Blue Sky'. The irony was just sickening.

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