June 24, 2000
Stomp Stomp Stompin'

News: The United States Government killed Iraqi citizens today, using bombs and famine.

I went and saw the Planet Smashers (a very cool ska band from Montreal) play a free show in Moncton this evening. Outdoor venue, lots of good vibes, and amazing tunes made for probably the best way I've spent an evening all summer. I'm pretty sure I didn't stop skankin' (dancing) the whole time they were playing. Wooooooooo!

Their site (which is all in French) has MP3's. 'Life of the Party' and 'Surfin Tefino' are two of their most lively and ska-ish. Go check it out.

Ah, the Ska FAQ.

You know you're doing the right google search when you end up at ZootSuitStore.com.

Another photo from evening bike rides:

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