June 02, 2006
Memory Augementation Unit

I tend to forget (or: not store in memory as a referenceable list) what books I've read, or picked up. So here's the incomplete list.

But before I start, a musical recommendation for all five people that still have this RSS feed somewhere (and the six that will stumble upon this via Google, including one Jooneed Khan, who teases me about the blog post of a few weeks ago every time I see hime): listen to the New Pornographers. As in, I listen to them, far, far too often. Enough hooks, as they say, to fill my grandfather's tacklebox. Resonant lyrics just vague enough to keep you on your toes. So catchy. But who am I kidding? This is just a pathetic attempt to quell my addiction to their music in the same way that I externalize, mediate and mechanize my memory with this machine.

Underworld, Don Delillo

Stone Junction, Jim Dodge

Fup, Jim Dodge

Wisdom and Metaphor, Jan Zwicky

Beyond the Promised Land: The movement and the myth, David Noble

Communication Technology, Darin Barney

Lenin, Christopher Read

Thinking the Difference: For a Peaceful Revolution, Luce Irigaray

Multitude, Hardt and Negri

Empire, Hardt and Negri

Playing Left Wing: From rink rat to student radical, Yves Engler

Canada in Haiti: Waging war on the poor majority, Anthony Fenton and Yves Engler

Gary Benchley, Rock Star, Paul Ford

The Dream of a Common Language, Adrienne Rich

The Toughest Indian in the World, Sherman Alexie

A Brief History of Progress, Ronald Wright

Son of a Smaller Hero, Mordechai Richler

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Mordechai Richler

Pussy, King of the Pirates, Cathy Acker

Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship, Uncle Noam

Death of a Nation: The attack on Yugoslavia, Michael Parenti

History as Mystery, Michael Parenti

Maailma Mõte, Fred Jüssi

Päts, Martti Turtolla

The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini

Reading, Talking, Writing, Cyril Welch

Full-Spectrum Disorder: The Military in the New American Century, Stan Goff

Economy of the Unlost, Anne Carson

That's all I can remember from the last two years or so. If I was really on the ball, I would write a bit about each one.

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