November 15, 2005
Reader's note

Apparently due to the lack of weblog updates post-Estonia, a few people have wondered if I'm still there.

I came back to Montréal at the end of September, and became immediately, utterly immersed in life here. I haven't got around to processing the meaning of the ol' trip to Estonia, though it pops up in conversation now and again, and what I experience is mostly confusion. What role does this far off--yet culturally and personally near--land play in an already fragmented and hectic life? Open question.

I also had a list of things I wanted to write more about related to Estonia, but didn't get a chance. When, if ever, will I write about those. Similarly open.

On a related note, my friend Riina just sent me a link to this somewhat amusing blog about an American guy who is adjusting (slowly) to life in Estonia.

It's a little different than my "hyperpoliticized väliseestlane* returns to a nominal homeland, imposes conceptual framework" narrative.

* Estonian living (or born) outside of Estonia

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