April 14, 2005
Albums I can wholeheartedly recommend

Completely based on my current, long-standing and recent musical obsessions, in descending order of how obsessed I am right now...

Los Lobos, By the Light of the Moon
Los Lobos, The Neighborhood
Los Lobos, Kiko

Lila Downs, La Lėnea
Lila Downs, Una Sangre

Pearl Jam, Riot Act (Seriously though.)

REM, Document

Sarah Harmer, You Were Here

Rheostatics, Whale Music
Rheostatics, Night of the Shooting Stars

The Slackers, basically any of their albums

The Weakerthans, Reconstruction Site

Ani DiFranco, Revelling/Reckoning

Wyclef Jean, Welcome to Haiti: Creole 101

Fela Kuti and the Africa '70, Expensive Shit

Bruce Springsteen, Darkness on the Edge of Town

Elvis Costello, My Aim is True
Elvis Costello, This Year's Model

Martin Tielli, Operation Infinite Joy

The Pogues, Rum, Sodomy and the Lash
The Pogues, Hell's Ditch
The Pogues, If I Should Fall From Grace With God

Not a lot of new stuff, mostly because I can't decide that I'm going to keep on liking it. And not a lot of really old stuff, because everyone knows about it. And a kabillion things were left off the list. But those there are solid.

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