February 02, 2005
American Idiot

Am I the last person in the world to realize that Green Day's American Idiot is an amazing album?

I saw the windows of the local global record store outlet filled with posters it, and figured it was more of the same.

But I'm listening to it for the first time, and am totally surprised. The "I'm alienated, life is shallow" theme can only be taken so far, but this album is all the more impressive for delivering a mature and sophisticated kind of punk aesthetic (not literally, though: the musical styles on this album are fairly diverse).

It's Dookie, ten years later. Comparisons to the Clash wouldn't be unwarranted.

(Another megaband that has been really surprising in a similar way after a series of misstep releases is Pearl Jam. Their 2002 "Riot Act" is very much worth a listen.)

posted by dru in culture