September 24, 2004
Where I am

People keep asking me where I am, so...

Since I moved out of my apartment in Halifax at the end of August, I've been living a nomadic existence, travelling between Halifax, Tatamagouche, Montréal, and Ottawa.

I just got back from the first circuit, and am planning on heading to Tatamagouche, where a bunch of friends of mine have bought a farm, and have big plans involving sustainable architecture, organic farming, activism, and the formation of a community land trust. Things like that. I've only ever been peripherally involved, but since no one else is planning on living there full time for the moment, I'm nominally basing my existence out of there for the time being, on an extremely laid-back WWOOFing-style basis. (The folks who bought the farm are mostly alums of the Climate Change Caravan, which has led me to refer to the farm--affetionately of course--as the Climate Change Caravan Preserve, or CCCP... apparently I'm < not the first one to do this.) There will be a convergence of sorts up there for the next few weeks, hopefully resulting in more than a few ideas touching the ground, and maybe even hitting it running.

After that, I plan to continue to piece together the elements of my life which somehow dispersed geographically (the tour and the almost completely online nature of the Dominion obviously contributed to that) by continuously travelling... at least for the forseeable future. So I'll start the loop again in a few weeks... Halifax (friends, community); Sackville (more friends; projects); Montreal (relationship, activist folks, arts, other friends); Ottawa (a great group of folks distributing the Dominion, political centre of Canada).

I'm not burnt out yet... the plan is to crash at Tatamagouche whenever that happens.

The long term plan is to move to Ottawa or Montreal, with a view to turning the Dominion into a significant paper in Ottawa, establishing a model that can be applied to other Canadian cities.

But before that, there's turmoil in Ottawa to help resolve, media democracy day in Montréal, friends to visit in NYC and surrounding areas, and a trip to the west coast to visit family and at least one colleague.

So, if you're in Ottawa, Montréal, Québec City, Halifax, Sackville, Tatamagouche, New York, Seattle, Vancouver, Port Townsend or the respective environs, let me know if you want to meet up and chat or conspire or discuss: dru at dru dot ca.

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