September 23, 2004
Confused from 2030

Does anyone know where I can find extensive discussion of some event surrounding CBS... something to do with some memos?

Sometimes I get tired of the relentless focus on facts, endless discussions about the public good and how to achieve a just society... it's all so dry, and it weighs so heavily on the conscience. What I really want is a bit of sensationalism. What happened to the days when the media would lock onto one issue that had almost nothing to do with anything important... y'know, OJ, or Michael Jackson, or...

Y'know, sometimes you just want to escape from reality and just be entertained.

Speaking of which, what's with everyone laughing Bush off the stage every time he makes a public appearance, or mocking his massive contradictions on TV News. Give the guy a break... he's the President, after all. He deserves some respect, and the benefit of the doubt.

posted by dru in war