June 24, 2003
Kuchinich vs. Dean

Bob Harris: Why I'm voting for Kucinich over Dean. An interesting comparison of the positions of both candidates, which leaves Dean looking much less like the progressive that some people think him to be.

Tom Tommorrow writes:

Is this what it's come to? A non-binding, online referendum, the summer before the primary season really heats up--and you're not willing, even at this early point, to vote for the candidate you actually prefer?

Let me repeat, I'm not endorsing anyone here. And I'm not sayng the electability concern isn't valid.

But if you want any hope of ever having a progressive voice at the table, at some point you've got to show some support for said progressive voice. And this seems about as low-risk a way to do it as is humanly possible. This isn't November 2000 in Florida, and Kucinich ain't Ralph Nader. This is, as I say, a non-binding, nonscientific online referendum. And Kucinich isn't a third-party challenger--he's playing within the rules of the Democratic party's primary process, and in the (probable, I would guess) event that he does not secure the nomination, he's pledged to support the Democrat who does, whoever it may be.

Vote for Dean, vote for Kucinich--just, for god's sake, vote for the candidate who represents what you believe--not the candidate you imagine other people might prefer.

The Democrats' weak-kneed, irrational desire to placate everyone to their right has few limits. We knew this, I think.

posted by dru in us