June 18, 2003
In Town

Having concluded my winding bus and hitchhiking journey o'er this vast continent, I'm back in Washington State. It's the nth time that I've returned, but I haven't yet managed to avoid being freshly amazed by how gorgeous it is here. (Montana and North Dakota were also stunning, but not in a 'I'd like to live there' way.)

I'll be working part time while I try to get The Dominion off the ground. My current plan is to move to Halifax in the fall, hopefully with funding and a substantial audience for the paper. (Actually, Canada is so small that a great number of folks have heard about the paper; it only remains to deliver good material on a regular basis.)

As usual: if you're in Seattle or Vancouver, say so, and I'll drop in for a chat when I'm (inevitably) in town.

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