June 22, 2003
Ahm the System

I've had this song stuck in my head off and on for quite a while. Perhaps, I thought, transcribing the whole thing and posting it here would somehow help with that. The rap song in question is called 'Ahm the System', written and performed by mcenroe, who makes intelligent, high quality Canadian hip-hop. It might also be good to direct some attention towards Peanuts and Corn, the label he runs. There, one can find even more good Canadian hip-hop. I recommend it. (And dang, I hadn't noticed that mcenroe's new album, disenfranchised is finally out. That's good news.)

The song goes something like this, though I have no idea if it comes across as well in text as it does performed as verse (I've still got the song in my head, you ee...). Take my word that it works well in the latter format.


I tow your car away
for not bein' on the payment
so better get used to
the sweet smell of pavement
investor equity [??]
because we doubt that you'll get it back anytime soon
for years I've teased you
you're dad's on TV
your glamourous lifestyle
a cost that's measly
so easily you were hooked
one look
at the chrome trim was all it took
I saw ya comin
welcome to the system
where history's being rewritten continuously
offering protection conditionally
unless you occupy a certain section
(I'll) fix your sickness
and clean your teeth
but there's a line that you don't wanna fall beneath
and if you do then I can't guarantee your safety
it's the ones that need me
that always hate me

ahm the system and you better decide
are you rallying against me or along for the ride
ahm the system and without me you're lost
I can work to your advantage but there's always a cost
ahm the system and let's face it you're mine
they say justice is blind but my eyesight's fine
ahm the system and I shouldn't be new to ya
here's what I'ma do to ya

put you in handcuffs and sign an attorney
try you in a court where all sides work for me
show you the news while I raise an army
promise you the world
make you love you country
I take your picture and issue ID
dim the lights so I make you ugly
check your hearing
test your eyesight
change any law just to make sure I'm right

I'm the one that teaches
your dumb kids to think alike
boys in blue and girls that wear pink
I'm your babysitter and father figure
my only purpose is to make myself bigger
coz my power is endless
it's never enough
I need obedience
and I want your love

I call you reckless and
knock you senseless
ensure your safety
leave you defenseless
pave the roads
and erect the fences
I built your home
said want the rent is
and if you don't pay
then you're evicted
if you still don't pay
then you're convicted
and it all went the way
that I predicted
and you don't have a say
against the system

I provide the food
and I suggest ground beef
I'm the noisy neighbor
that you're livin' beneath
and you can't complain
coz I'm the landlord,
superintendent and the man you work for
whether on welfare or in the workforce
you're just a number to me
just another workhorse

you've been replaced and replaced again
I'm your worst enemy and I'm your closest friend
I'll take everything away to make you believe
coz I saw you on the way in
and I'll watch you leave


posted by dru in culture