June 28, 2003
About Excerpt

As you've likely noticed, I have started a new category on misnomer: "excerpt". I hope to use it to post passages from books that I read, at least once a week.

A few of my reasons for doing this:

  • Sometimes it seems that the worlds of online text and that of books are more divided than they should be.
  • I find much of what I read in books to be more substantial or fundamentally interesting than what I read online; this may say more about my online reading habits than anything, but I nonetheless find it to be the case.
  • When I look for information about a book, I am delighted to be able to read a part of it, however small (as opposed to reading endless reviews, of it, say)
  • I find the passage to be delightful, thought-provoking, true, useful, or about something that I'd like to think more about.
  • Because I want to be able to come back and read about was interested in ten years ago.

Hopefully that will be enough to keep me motivated to spend ten minutes typing someone elses' words once a week.

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