April 07, 2003

Washington Monthly: "But to the Bush administration hawks who are guiding American foreign policy, this isn't the nightmare scenario. It's everything going as anticipated."

Middle East Newsline: "The United States has sought to assuage Iran and Syria that they will not become military targets after the war in Iraq. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said the Bush administration was concerned over weapons of mass destruction being developed in Iran and Syria. But Powell said U.S. troops would not attack either country."

Newsmax: "As the nation's substantial backing of President Bush and the war against Saddam Husseinís Iraq soars, it now appears that a sizeable number of the public would even support military moves against Iran or Syria."

NY Daily News: "Iraq's only the start - Syria and Iran are next."

Reuters: "British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Friday the United States had absolutely no plans to attack Syria and Iran, who have been warned by Washington over their alleged involvement in Iraq."

Guardian: "The politics and logistics of choosing which aid agency to support."

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