April 26, 2003
20,000 Melted Away

Asia Times: "What happened to the 20,000-strong, well-equipped Special Republican Guards, charged with the defense of Baghdad? Where did they melt away to? How come there was no coordination between the Ba'ath Party-Republican Guard defense of Baghdad and the jihadis who poured in from Syria, Algeria, Yemen and Egypt to help? How come the Republican and Special Republican Guards did not destroy a single bridge in Baghdad - an effective tactic to delay the American invasion?"

LA Times: "The United States has regained the capability to make nuclear weapons for the first time in 14 years and has restarted production of plutonium parts for bombs, the Energy Department said Tuesday."

LA Times: "In a joint effort with emerging Iraqi leaders, the Bush administration is planning a new legal process that could eventually bring hundreds of Iraqi officials to trial for war crimes and other major offenses and offer thousands more amnesty in exchange for confessions of their crimes, U.S. officials said Friday. " [Will they hear cases against US war criminals?]

posted by dru in war