March 11, 2003
Ruling Class

Warren Kinsella, prominent Liberal strategist, offers us rare insight into the minds of the Canadian ruling class on his web site. Pausing in the midst of a round of NDP-bashing (for what, exactly, is not completely clear--an email was sent, and they didn't follow up on some campaign promises... only when you're the NDP does that amount to a scandal), Kinsella offers some glowing praise of an Ontario Liberal fundraiser:

I've gummed down plenty of political rubber chicken in my day, but that was something I don't think I've ever seen: a standing-room-only corporate crowd at a political fundariser, giving a spontaneous - and enduring, and loud - standing ovation.
Don't just take my word for it. The Ontario Liberal dinner took in $1.3 million, minimum, which is a record. People were jammed in the cavernous hall at the Sheraton Centre - and some tables were $15,000 a pop. It wasn't just sold out - it was oversold. The Tories, meanwhile, have been forced to discount prices for their big fundraiser in Mississauga. That kind of says it all, don't it?

It sure does. I, for one, am willing to take your word for it, Mr. Kinsella: corporate interests dominate Canadian politics, but what really matters is that they (and their money) are on your side! Congrats!

Granted, the NDP is far from perfect, but if the same standards that apply to them were applied to other parties, things would be considerably different. If the NDP's platform is overrun by corporate influence, then they at least make an effort to keep that influence in check. Not so for the Liberals, as Kinsella's remarks show rather clearly.

posted by dru in canada