March 23, 2003
In France

From an email I just received from a friend, who is in France:

I think the news is pretty drastically different over here than over there. We are getting a lot of personal iraqi stories coverage--the night before the war we heard a report on pregnant women having c-sections over a month early to avoid giving birth during a bomb... the protests are intense. Ive been out to all of them. people often shout comparisons between Bush and Hitler....some people throw dead chickens and hunks of meat at the riot police. I dont know what the French CRS has to do with the war-- yes they are assholes but really... Then there are intellegent protesters too. My sign said UNE VIE = UNE VIE after amanda's essay for your website. We also had: Une Seule Arme: les DROITS de L'HOMME.

posted by dru in war