March 25, 2003
Get your Empire on

Doonesbury: "Permission to speak freely, sir?" "There's no shortage of people's opinions and analyses. The pressure is cranking up, and seems to be spilling out of the media boxes and into our own cocoons. Everywhere I turn, almost everybody seems to be going nuts, in one way or another... A global fever-hum, getting louder and louder, and more than anything I wish somebody would just turn down the volume..."

FAIR: "A lack of skepticism toward official U.S. sources has already led prominent American journalists into embarrassing errors in their coverage of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, particularly in relation to claims that proof had been found that Iraq possesses banned weapons."

Robert Fisk: "'Our soldiers know they will not get a fair deal from the Americans,' he said. 'Itís important that they know this. We may not like our regime. But we fight for our country. The Russians did not like Stalin but they fought under him against the German invaders. We have a long history of fighting the colonial powers, especially you British. You claim you are coming to "liberate" us. But you donít understand. What is happening now is that we are starting a war of liberation against the Americans and the British.'"

CorpWatch: "thousands of employees of Halliburton, Vice President Dick Cheney's former company, are working alongside US troops in Kuwait and Turkey under a package deal worth close to a billion dollars. According to US Army sources, they are building tent cities and providing logistical support for the war in Iraq in addition to other hot spots in the 'war on terrorism.'"

Village Voice: "While all experts agree that stabilizing post-Saddam Iraq would be a protracted endeavor, 'the longer a U.S. occupation of Iraq continues,' one of the studies notes, 'the more danger exists that elements of the Iraqi population will become impatient and take violent measures to hasten the departure of U.S. forces.'"

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