February 27, 2003
Lies lies lies

Caught on Film: a comprehensive (?) list of GW Bush's rhetoric that has directly contradicted his policy, with photos of him at the time he told the lie!

Or: a good indication of just how grim a state American journalism is in these days.

Another one, from The New Forum:

American media kow-towing to Saddam Hussein: The CBC's Patrick Brown is reporting that the major American networks have come together to agree to not report the details -- or even the existence -- of the Iraqi opposition meetings in Salahaddin, Iraq. He says the nets are apparently worried that Saddam Hussein will retaliate for the networks giving his opponents coverage by kicking their talking heads and Scud studs out of Baghdad. But the upshot is the American public are less well-informed about an important meeting, one attended by an American envoy and general.

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